Duckfoot - Multipack - 8 pcs.
Duckfoot - Multipack - 8 pcs.

Duckfoot - Multipack - 8 pcs.

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DDuckfoot - Multipack - 8 Pieces

Our Duckfoot is completely non-toxic and thus an environmentally friendly trout bait, thanks to its high-quality production and soft materials is very flexible, incredibly resilient, yet inherently stable. Thanks to the production materials, you will never get oily and greasy fingers again. The Duckfoot is odourless and completely colourfast, so it will not stain other Duckfoot bait.

You can store Duckfoots together, but never with other baits. In collaboration with the famous trout expert Andy Weyel, a selection of proven colours have been tested to maximise catch.

Its unique shape and composition produced by a concave curvature, with a negative pressure on its rear side, thereby not only providing sufficient buoyancy but also a perfect run. No matter how many times the Duckfoot is attacked by the trout, it will stay robust in form and rotate slightly, thus remaining not only attractive to the trout but also will hold much longer than conventional bait.

We have taken a completely new approach in the field of artificial bait.
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Product information.

  • Contains plasticizer as used in medicine and baby care!
  • About 100 times more durable than your old favorite bait!
  • Keeps even the sharpest pike teeth out!
  • Cock is always up at any jig!
  • Does not stain other Moby baits!
  • Moby-Softbaits can be stored together, but never with other bait!
  • Novel hook channel for easy assembly!
  • No corrosive odor from chemicals!
  • No more oily and greasy fingers when mounting!
  • Perfect finish by injection molding!
  • Biodegradable paper packaging!
  • Ideal eco-balance from raw material to packaging!
  • 100% Made in Germany!
  • Catches more fish and lasts longer than other bait!
  • By briefly boiling in water, a duckfoot returns to its original shape, if it has deformed!
  • Material: Moby Softbaits Special TPE

Duckfoot products should NEVER be stored in a box which contains or contained conventional bait. The aggressive nature of softeners are stubborn and attack our material. So stubborn that you should clean previously used boxes with detergent and hot water!

Amount: 8 Pieces
Price: incl. VAT, ex. Postal Costs