Eazy-Add Shad - 3 pcs.

Eazy-Add Shad - 3 pcs.

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Moby products should NEVER be stored in a box which contains or contained conventional bait. The aggressive nature of softeners are stubborn and attack our material. So stubborn that you should clean previously used boxes with detergent and hot water!

Eazy-Add Shad - 3 Pieces - 12cm

Here comes the Eazy-Add Shad with a number of advantages over conventional rubber baits. While with classic rubber fish you always have to make sure that the lure has a jig hook that matches the position of the tail shovel, with the Eazy-Add Shad it doesn't matter at what angle the tail shovel is positioned to the hook. The part always works, no matter if it is exactly aligned or if it is equipped with hooks as it comes! The shovel tail of the Eazy-Add works in an extremely high frequency with the precision of a Swiss clockwork and this with the advantages of the almost indestructible and environmentally friendly non-toxic material of Moby Softbaits.

The shape and running characteristics of the Eazy-Add Shad make it an irresistible prey imitation, especially for zander, but this does not stop perch, for example, from getting their hands dirty. All colours of the new shad are UV-active or self-luminous and all lures are equipped with a hook channel. The Eazy-Add Shad can be used classically on a yighook or, for example, with offset hooks on Texas or Carolina rigs. Of course it also works on the Drop-Shot mounting. And all this as already mentioned, no matter at what angle the hook is led through the lure. These softbaits are made of a material which is completely PVC and phthalate free.

For environmentally friendly use of our baits, we recommend our leadfree jig head with MUSTAD-hook! Hook size 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 8/0 in 7,10, 14, 17, 21, 24 ,28 ..till 75 grams for the EAZY-ADD-Shad, depending on the current and water depth.

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Product information on our ecologically consistent range.

  • Exclusively with a softener from medicine and baby care!
  • About 100 times longer lasting than conventional rubber baits!
  • All materials are harmless and environmentally friendly!
  • Biologically harmless and brilliant colours!
  • No caustic chemical smell!
  • No more oily or greasy fingers when mounting!
  • Withstands even the sharpest pike teeth!
  • The Moby softbaits are floating and can be presented perfectly "standing" on the bottom due to their strong buoyancy!
  • New hook channel for easy mounting!
  • Perfect surface due to injection moulding production!
  • Ideal ecological balance from raw material to packaging!
  • Everything about this product comes from Germany!
  • Catches more fish and lasts longer than other baits!
  • Environmentally friendly due to extremely long operating time!
  • Does not stain on other Moby softbaits!

Moby softbaits can be stored together without problems, but should never be stored together with other rubber baits!

Moby's products should NEVER be stored in a box which contains or contained conventional bait. The aggressive nature of softeners are stubborn and attack our material. So stubborn that you should clean previously used boxes with detergent and hot water!

Length: 12cm
Amount: 3 Pieces
Price: incl. VAT, ex. Postal Costs

EXTRATIPP: By boiling briefly in water, a Moby bait returns to its original shape within seconds, should it ever become deformed!