concave insert

Innovative concave insert made of TPU:
Perfect hold and optimal pressure distribution for healthy horse hooves

The concave insert made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) sets new standards in the field of hoof protection. Designed to ensure an optimal fit in any horseshoe shape, this innovative insert adapts precisely to the contours of the horseshoe. This tailor-made fit not only ensures a perfect hold, but also achieves an optimal pressure distribution. The result: The hoof is effectively protected, and the horse is offered the highest possible wearing comfort.

The concavity of the insole allows a precise adaptation to the individual hoof structure, which is particularly important because horses can have different horseshoe shapes. This ensures not only safety, but also the firm anchoring of the inlay in the horseshoe, which prevents slipping or slipping.

The use of TPU as a material not only offers outstanding flexibility, but also remarkable resistance to abrasion. This ensures long-lasting performance and makes the inlay particularly durable, even under demanding conditions.

The concave insert with its perfect fit is not only a first-class solution for protecting the hoof from external influences such as mud, snow and earth, but also makes a significant contribution to keeping the health of the hooves and promoting Of the general well-being of the horse.

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