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Unlock Angling Excellence with Moby Softbaits Specials - Limited Editions and Innovative Tools for True Enthusiasts!

Step into the world of Moby Softbaits Specials, where excellence knows no bounds. From limited editions that celebrate the unique to innovative tools and gear, our offerings are designed for enthusiasts who demand the very best. Limited Editions: Our limited editions are more than just baits - they're collectibles for true aficionados. Embrace the thrill of owning exclusive pieces that are as rare as the biggest catch you've ever reeled in. Test Sets: Take your angling skills to the next level with our Test Set. These thoughtfully curated selections of softbaits help you explore new waters, learn, and master the art of catching even the wariest of fish. Wild Mixes: For those who relish variety, our Wild Mixes are a game-changer. These exciting assortments introduce unpredictability into your angling sessions, making every day on the water a new adventure.

Fishing Rods: Our top-tier Fishing Rods are precision-engineered to complement the excellence of Moby Softbaits. Feel the difference with every cast and experience angling as it was meant to be. Topwater Productions: Elevate your angling game with our innovative Topwater Productions. These baits are designed to disrupt the water's surface, attracting fish with an irresistible commotion. Moby Scale: Precision matters in angling, and the Moby Scale ensures you're always spot-on with your measurements. Trust the accuracy of German engineering to size up your achievements.

100% Made in Germany: Experience the quality and craftsmanship that only German engineering can offer. Our Specials are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring you have the tools you need for angling success. Eco-Balance: We're committed to sustainable angling. Our Specials are designed with an eco-conscious approach to ensure we leave the environment as pristine as we found it. Discover the extraordinary with Moby Softbaits Specials. Whether you're an ardent collector or a dedicated angler, our limited editions and innovative tools are the key to reaching new heights in your angling journey. Elevate your angling experience with Moby Softbaits Specials.


Rackershad 22cm - Hecht Box - 20 Teile - Wildmix

49.90€ 97.80€

Rackershad 22cm -Pike Box -20 pieces -Wildmix The Rackershad has been a popular and reliable predator supplier for years. An extremely proven pike lure in 22cm. Whether fished on a jig, on a system or offset over weedbeds, the Rackershad 22cm alwa..

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