Meet The Team!

We, three fishing crazy brothers from Hessen, were brought up by our father to be fanatical fishermen. He took us to the beautiful Edersee and various rivers and lakes. We grew to enthusiastic anglers. We develouped a preference for fishing with lures for predatory fish. In 1998 we already had the idea to develop our own artificial bait, but were then only 13, 15 and 20 and did not have the technical know-how or production capabilities. Today we we have achieved our goal and produce and sell non-toxic, biodegradable bait all over the world.

Christoph Otto

Mr. Moby ...

Christoph takes care of the development, production and distribution of our bait.

Like his brothers, he prefers fishing for predators, pike-perch, pike, perch and even catfish, mostly in the Erdersee, the Aartalsperre or on the Rhine.


Johannes Otto

Master of the milling machine

The youngest brother, passionate predator angle, successful both in fresh and salt water

Pike, Perch, Zander, Cod and Halibut are among his favorite fish. He also has expierence with high sea fishing in Mauritius.


Our art director

Michael is the creative brain, he constructs and designs our bait down to the last detail in CAD. He fishes mostly from offshore, but also likes to wade in small rivers.

He has also fished at the North and Baltic Sea and in Austria.


Andreas Weyel


Andy Weyel has been working professionally in the angel scene for over twenty years. Most people know him but trout fishing, where he achieved outstanding results! But that is not his only passion. You can call him a true "all-rounder", because he is after everything that has fins. He has been fishing since he was six years old and has not burned anything: starting with carp fishing, match and feeder fishing, sea and fly fishing, he has learned almost everything well-founded and practiced for many years. His shingled darlings, giant catfish and sturgeon, he has successfully fished in many places around the world. His friend and fishing companion Sascha Schneider is something of a foster son of Andy. He has also been fishing since he was a child, and has his fishing interests in lure fishing for pike, perch, pike-perch and trout. The extensive experience of the two are used in the development of our bait and make it so successful.

In developing the cult bait "Duckfoot" played two crucial things: First, Andy Forellenteig has always been particularly good form. On the other hand, Sascha (especially in rainy weather) hates to get this sticky dough into shape - and constantly renew it on the hook!

Now there is the "duckfoot" made of a non-toxic and extremely resistant material - made in germany by MOBY Softbaits! Sascha's hands stay clean and Andy just catches more trout instead of kneading - a great result for everyone!

Ramona Peter - Moby Softbaits

Ramona Peter

I am Mona, I live in the beautiful nature park town of Biesenthal in the Speckgürtel near Berlin. Now I'm heading towards 40 and I made my first fishing attempts as a child and then later at 15 or 16. After a long break I got my license in 2011 and since then I spend as much time as I can on the water. Preferably at the canal or also smaller forest lakes.

My partner and now also my meanwhile 3 year old son always accompany me. I prefer to fish for pike and of course I am also happy to catch all other predatory fish, be it perch, catfish or zander. My motto - if you're not on the water you can't catch fish - so get out there.

Maik Buck - Moby Softbaits

Maik Buck

My name is Maik Buck and I live in Lengerich/Westphalia. I am 47 years old and born in Georgsmarienhütte, married, one son. My son Tristan is also an enthusiastic angler. I work as a foreman in charge of operations at a cement plant. I've been fishing since I was six. My grandfather and father taught me to fish at the trout lake. I call myself an allrounder. But my focus has been on spin fishing and predators for a few years now.

But in winter I also like to fish pike. The waters which I fish are quarry ponds and that of my company. These are only a stone's throw away from my home. Therefore they are real "house waters". I am also a member of the OSFC Osnabrück, and I regularly fish the waters of the association. Since I own a Vispas, I can often be found in Holland.

Sebastian Zimmer - Moby Softbaits

Sebastian Zimmer

Sebastian Zimmer, from Bad Salzuflen, self-employed and angler since 4 years of age. Favourite waters: Weser, Bodden waters around Rügen, as well as the large watercourses in the Netherlands. Favourite fishing methods:all types of spinning, favourite fish: anything that has teeth, throat teeth and chewing plates and can be encountered while spinning.

What particularly appeals to me about fishing: The many facets that the passion fishing brings with it, such as spending time together with our son in nature and bringing it closer to him. To shake off the stress and hectic pace of everyday life through the concentration required for spinning and thus recharge the batteries. But also to celebrate common success when the tactic has worked out and the target fish could be outwitted. The flexibility that spin fishing offers in particular. You can simply go fishing spontaneously without much effort, or even live out your hobby at short notice after work.

Zufriedener Kunde sagen

Was für eine Maschine! Daniel Cunz fing auf den Racker Shad diesen Klotz von Zander!

- Daniel Cunz - Angler

Chris Rossa mit dem nächsten tollen Fisch , 75er Zander auf 10er #Rackershad Petri

- Chris Rossa - Angler

Bäääm, Meter-Muddi-Meldung aus Schweden 1,09m Fettes Petri an Tobias Klein Am Band hatte Tobi unseren 10er Racker Shad. Farbe: Firetiger Grüße in den Norden

- Michael Knop - Angler

Granaten Tag am Aartalsee , Bernd Ritter konnte gestern diese 1,20 Meter Dame mit einem 10er Moby Shad zum Foto bitten! Neuer PB für Bernd! Dazu noch ein 70er Hecht und ein Karpfen der auf einen 12,5er Moby biss! Ganz dickes Petri Heil

- Bernd Ritter - Angler