Twister Wirbelwind - Fluo - 2 x 3 pcs.
Twister Wirbelwind - Fluo - 2 x 3 pcs.

Twister Wirbelwind - Fluo - 2 x 3 pcs.

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Eisele Twister Whirlwind

With all the innovations on the soft-bait market in the last few years, the Twister has retreated somewhat into the background.
But it is this classic rubber bait that has caught by far the most fish. Its reliable rotation and slim body make it an all-purpose weapon. A Twister imitates everything that sea fish eat: prey fish, crabs, worms, crabs and more. The whirlwind of Eisele-Seafishing has extras that no other twister on the market can claim for itself. Not only is it 100% produced in Germany and without toxic softeners, but due to its soft consistency it plays with less current than other rubber twisters. At the same time it is extremely durable and resistant to sea predator teeth. And he gets a lot of them. Because it is not only visually seductive with its lively whirlwind play and UV activity, but also with its smell.

The Wirbelwind twisters are soaked with Kvalvik - the attractant that won the prize for the most innovative new development at Efttex 2016, Europe's largest fishing fair. Whirlwind twisters can be fished solo at the jig head or as by-catch in the Baltic Sea and Norway. The whirlwind twister is not a normal bait, but an investment that catches more fish more often!

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Product information.

  • 1000 times more durable than all other rubber baits
  • Without toxic softeners
  • Lightly raising
  • Soaked with Kvalvik
  • PVC and phthalate-free
  • extremely durable and stretchy material
  • non-staining
  • Anti Allergic
  • Material: Moby Softbaits Special TPE

Twister products should NEVER be stored in a box which contains or contained conventional bait. The aggressive nature of softeners are stubborn and attack our material. So stubborn that you should clean previously used boxes with detergent and hot water!

Längen: app. 8cm
Amount: 2 x 3 Pieces
Price: incl. VAT, ex. Postal Costs