Fluo Carbon


Running Length 25 m23,96 € pro 100m - 0,25mm | 35,96 € pro 100m - 0,40mm | 47,96 € pro 100m - 0,50mm Fluoro-Carbon material is almost invisible in the water, extremely abrasion-resistant and yet still supple enough to tie even the finest knots. Th..

Gear Box - T-Boxen Typ 3


Iron Claw Gear Box - T-Box Type 3 variable subdivision possible with enclosed dividers. Practical bait box, can be used as tackle box for all kinds of small materials. Design with sturdy snap fasteners. Dimensions: 358 x 235 x 50 mm..

Snaps 10 Pcs.


Snaps 10 Pcs.The Snap System with the extra round arch. This system has the least influence on the course of a lure, such as a plugs and can develop its full action...

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