This not only makes an Angler smile, but also Mother nature!
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Over two years work went into the development of these very complex baits. Extensive technical expertise, in terms of material, form and colouring flowed into these first class baits.
The innovative "Wobbles" are produced to the highest standards, with an eye to consistently high quality. Not only their appearance but also their impressive durability have won fans from all sides.

Not just a good figure under water, the hook channel characterises Moby Softbaits dedication to quality. Finally an end to the eternal pain of attaching the bait to the hook. Moby Softbait, with the quality seal "Made in Germany", leaves nothing to be desired.


Our high-tech material is 100% made in Germany.
The dye and glitter are also made in Germany.
Our material PVC free, Phthalat free, free form toxic plasticiser, free from toxic ingredients, odorless, very durable, non-staining, anti allergic and are even approved for medical use. You should never store Moby baits together with other bait, as they may be adversely affected by the plasticizers and other toxic ingredients of the other bait.