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Moby Grundy - Motoroil Gold Glitter UV


    Moby Grundy - Motoroil Gold Glitter UV

  • Brand: Moby Softbaits
  • Product Code: MGR-1
  • Availability: In Stock
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Moby Grundy - Motoroil Gold Glitter UV

A tiny little fish puts the fishing community in high excitement - the Grundy is here! With the exception of the middle and upper reaches of the Elbe and Oder, the invaders from the Black Sea are now widespread in the entire river system. To the chagrin of the anglers and the native fish whose spawning is equally appreciated by Schwarzmund and Kessler gobies. But at the same time the notorious small fish have become the most common prey species of the Zander - for example in the catchment area of ​​the Rhine, the Danube and in northern Germany! That's why we have mimicked nature one to one and developed "GRUNDY" for you. Whether you like gobies or not - you can not get past many lures on this bait - if you want to catch ...!

Due to the strong buoyancy of our sensational, environmentally friendly material, all MOBY baits are also ideally suited for use with American methods such as Dropshot or Texas Rig! With sea anglers the ruthless robustness of the Grundy is popular and even the snappiest pike have no chance against the exceptionally tough mixture of our baits! MOBY soft baits of the latest generation are unique in the combination of running behavior, softness, durability and color. Above all, our baits are "made in germany" and do without the notorious, commercial softeners for PVC. We, however, use a substance that is used in baby care and medicine!

For environmentally friendly use of our baits, we recommend our leadfree jig head with MUSTAD-hook!
Hook size 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 8/0 in 7,10, 14, 17, 21, 24 ,28 ..till 75 grams for The MOBY GRUNDY-Shad, depending on the current and water depth.

Product information.

  • Ausschließlich mit einem Weichmacher aus Medizin und Babypflege!
  • Etwa 100mal haltbarer als Ihre alten Lieblinksköder!
  • Hält selbst schärfste Hechtzähne aus!
  • Schwanz steht immer nach oben an jedem beliebigen Jig!
  • Färbt nicht auf andere Moby-Köder ab!
  • Moby-Softbaits gerne zusammen aber nie mit anderen Ködern lagern!
  • Neuartiger Hakenkanal für kinderleichte Montage!
  • Kein ätzender Geruch mehr nach Chemie!
  • Nie mehr ölige und schmierige Finger beim Montieren!
  • Perfekte Oberfläche durch Spritzgussverfahren!
  • Biologisch abbaubare Verpackung aus Papier!
  • Ideale Öko-Bilanz vom Rohstoff bis zur Verpackung!
  • Alles an diesem Produkt kommt aus Deutschland!
  • Fängt mehr Fisch und hält länger als andere Köder!
  • Material: Moby Softbaits Spezial TPE

Moby's products should NEVER be stored in a box which contains or contained conventional bait. The aggressive nature of softeners are stubborn and attack our material. So stubborn that you should clean previously used boxes with detergent and hot water!

Länge: 10 cm
Gewicht: 10 Gramm
Menge: 1 Stück
Preis: inkl. 19% MwSt, exkl. Versandkosten

Tags: moby, grundy, motoroil, gold, glitter

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