Moby Larry Larva - Motoroil Dark Black Glitter UV - 5,5cm


    Moby Larry Larva - Motoroil Dark Black Glitter UV - 5,5cm

  • Brand: Moby Softbaits
  • Product Code: MLL-5.5cm-4
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Moby Larry Larva - Motoroil Dark Black Glitter UV - 5,5cm

This lure is not only an enrichment for professionals, but also for beginners in the UL (Ultra Light) range.
Mobys Larry Larve was developed to fulfil the needs of anglers looking for a versatile lure. With its perfect 5.5cm size, it fits ideally into the prey spectrum of big perch and trout. But other predatory fish can't resist its irresistible attraction either. The 4 pairs of legs and the three-part tail of the Larry Larve unfold their full effect when the lure is used on different rigs. Whether on a dropshot rig, a chebu or a mini jig - the buoyant special TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) ensures that the lure presents itself optimally in the water.

Possible applications:

  • Finesse fishing: The MOBY Larry Larve is ideal for finesse fishing and enables precise lure presentations in the UL range.
  • Various rigs: Whether dropshot rig, chebu or mini jig - the application possibilities are diverse and adapt flexibly to different fishing techniques.


  • The natural movement and realistic design make the Larry Larve an irresistible lure for all types of predatory fish.
  • High-quality materials: The softbait is made of high-quality material to ensure durability and a realistic bait presentation.


  • Length: 5,5cm
  • Weight: approx. 1g

Conquer the world of finesse fishing with the MOBY Larry Larve5.59cm softbait and experience unforgettable fishing adventures. This lure is the key to successful catches, whether you are hunting for your dream fish in stagnant waters or flowing streams.
Irresistible to all predators!

Product information.

  • Contains plasticizer as used in medicine and baby care!
  • About 100 times more durable than your old favorite bait!
  • Keeps even the sharpest pike teeth out!
  • Cock is always up at any jig!
  • Does not stain other Moby baits!
  • Moby-Softbaits can be stored together, but never with other bait!
  • Novel hook channel for easy assembly!
  • No corrosive odor from chemicals!
  • No more oily and greasy fingers when mounting!
  • Perfect finish by injection molding!
  • Biodegradable paper packaging!
  • Ideal eco-balance from raw material to packaging!
  • 100% Made in Germany!
  • Catches more fish and lasts longer than other bait!
  • Material: Moby Softbaits Special TPE

Tags: moby, larry, larva, motoroil, dark, black, glitter, larve, 5.5 5, 5cm

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